Tips Prior To Applying


This is in response to the numerous inquires we get on a daily basis, and recommend anyone applying to join Team Warfit do the following, as we are very selective. 


1.  If you stumbled across us and don’t know anything about Warfit Clothing Co.,

we encourage you to CLICK HERE to learn more about us.


2.  *Become A Fan Of Our Brand Before Approaching Us Or Applying* We'd never ask someone to represent something they don't believe in or have a connection to. If you haven't tried our products, and/or have posts in our gear, you're probably not a fan of Warfit Clothing Co. 


3.  Follow, like, and comment on our pages and posts. The more we see your name the more we get to know you. Tag us in your posts, pictures, and videos. Let us get to know you, and see what you are all about. If you are in Warfit gear even better!

      • Instagram:  @warfit_clothing_co,  @mrs.warfit,  @mr.warfit,  @warfit_tactical
      • Facebook: facebook/warfitclothinco
      • Twitter: warfit365
      • Youtube: warfitclothingco


    4.  Show us you are a fan. Show us why we want to work with you. Make a purchase, post in the gear, tag us, and use the hashtags. We review them daily, and you might just get a shoutout!

    Hashtags we review:

      • #teamwarfit
      • #iamwarfit