Our Story

Founder's message to you:

Our message to you is if you want to change your life, you need to change your mind. Decide you're not going to settle. That you are far greater than your circumstances. When you start doubting yourself, remember how far you've come. Remember everything you've faced, all the battles you've won, and all the fears you've overcome. Then get back up, and keep fighting.
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Warfit Clothing Co. was founded in October 2014. From its inception, it was truly original as a lifestyle brand that brought emotion and heart that its customers could feel and experience when opening their orders. Warfit's primary focus is bringing its supporters premium apparel, with a message to inspire the masses. We are a one of a kind brand for everyday life on the street and in the gym.

How WARFIT Clothing Co. Began:

Warfit Clothing Co. was a spinoff of a personal program Erika was running, called The Warfit Program, to help others in similar situations come back to fitness/and health through free coaching. She felt that formulating a brand based on her message; not to go through life a victim of your circumstances, would make that message tangible and empower those who wore it. Creating a community of strength.


Co-Founder Erika Garcia's Story:

Where I started from, I was never suppose to get this far, I was lucky to even be up on my feet. I’ve been fighting through a long journey back to fitness since a car accident in 2004. At the dark end of the tunnel, I was in a wheelchair due to a severe leg injury, had lost my thyroid completely, was enduring 15-17 migraines a month, and over 275 lbs due to all the medical issues. Instead of giving up, I found every reason to fight, and get angry at the cards I was dealt with at such an early age in life.          


The anger, became the fuel that lead me through to my recovery and gave me limitless determination and will to rehabilitate and train to get stronger. So what exactly happened? In short, it was all bad luck, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and bad genetics triggered by trauma. Today, I call this dark period of my life character building…as every portion of my body and mind would be put to the test. I was told by doctors, specialists, friends, and family that what I’ve done could not be done. But I did it.




Co-Founder Bryan Garcia's Story:

Bryan has spent several years as a Law Enforcement Professional  working in various specialty assignments. His mission is to promote and support a healthy lifestyle through Warfit Clothing Co. He a firm believer  that all good things come to those who go out and earn it. He just doesn't promote Warfit's brand image; he lives it.

As an athlete, Bryan is very competitive in the gym, and likes to lift very heavy objects! He learns everything he can about human performance, exercise physiology, and programming. He always challenges himself to raise the bar to the next level. His focus is in strength training, and is committed to helping others find their strength. In late 2010, Bryan found his love for lifting, and he has never looked back, finding himself fitter, faster, and stronger in all areas of his life. Bryan's goal is to help empower others, to discover what they are capable of.


















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We Thank you for your continuing support.

Live boldly and aggressively pursue your dreams and goals. 

Owners: Bryan & Erika Garcia