Get Featured!

Get Featured!
Do you already own some of Warfit's exclusive apparel? Then this opportunity may be for you.

We are looking to feature you, in our social media platforms, in Warfit Apparel to thousands of Warfit Fans. We are not asking you to buy anything, this is an opportunity for those already wearing Warfit. 

We have always primarily been about our customers, motivating the masses, and telling their stories. We want to take that a step further and give our customers the opportunity to get their face out there in our posts, and in our featured ads. 

Here's what we are looking for: 
  • Submit a photo or photos to be reviewed by our team in Warfit Apparel you already own. Submit by posting on facebook and instagram under the hashtag #IAMWARFIT
  • Tag Warfit_Clothing_Co in the image.  Don’t @mention us, because your post may get lost in the mix of hundreds of other mentions. But tag us in the image, so the post is much easier to find!
  • Post quality content and use high-quality imagery this means high resolution when snapping your pictures of your self-training, or out in your element. 
  • Remember what Warfit is all about when taking and submitting your picture, read our company message HERE for inspiration for your photography.
If we choose your picture to feature you receive:
  • Gift Card For More Warfit Apparel
  • Social media links shouting you out on Facebook and Instagram when the picture is used to gain exposure and followers. If we choose your photo you could have tens of thousands of eyes on your account.
  • Invite into our ambassador program
Why are we doing this?

Simple, we could hire models. We could shoot our own promotional posts. But we've never been about the models or industry standard. We want to connect with our customers and give back. We want to feature you. 

- See Instagram Example: example


Questions contact us at


  • Larry Gregory

    I have alot of your shirts and other stuff and I have to say the messages on the ones I have fit my life to the fullest thank you for all you do and keep up the good work

  • Kelly Skillern

    Your work ethic, dedication and message are inspiring! Keep up the work. You motivate many others out there grinding! Thanks guys! ~Kelly Skillern

  • Benjamin Martinez

    I love War Fit apparel! IAM very active an spend most my time at the gym. I would love some more of war fits apparel to sport at my gym.

  • Grant Blaylock

    Purchased the Logo Jersey Hoodie. It has to be the most comfortable hoodie I have ever trained in. It has become my fav and Ill be getting more!


    warfit clothing is one off the best apperal. I would always be a customer I would gladly shared it on my media accounts.. keep up the good work and quality….

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