Rules, Regulations, & What Our Ideal Athlete Embodies

This is not a contest. There is no prize.

Due to the overwhelming amount of people requesting to represent our brand, we needed to formulate a way to find which of those people represent Warfit's Core Values. We ask that you prove you are Warfit. If someone doesn't feel passionate about the movement we are creating, the message we give, or love the designs we release prior to joining Team Warfit, they tend to continue on that path afterward.

We are looking for integrity, and passion in our message and Clothing Company rather than an athlete with a large number of followers looking to just be someone's athlete and/or get shout-outs from us.

Here is a quick list of Do's and Don'ts outlining what we expect from team members. If for some reason any of these are broken you will be removed from our Program immediately.



Team Warfit Ambassador:  They are a leader and role model. They embody what it means to be Warfit, and covets our core values. They may or may not have a compelling story of overcoming adversity, but either way they Motivate, inspire, help, aide, and support others via social media, and in their community.  They motivate and challenge others to rise above. 


To apply to Team Warfit you must: 

  • Must ALREADY be passionate about our brand
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must have Social Media Accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Ect...)
  • Must be engaged and involved in the fitness/military/1st Responder community
  • Must have a passion for an active lifestyle.
  • Our ideal candidate is active, energetic, hard-working, and outgoing, with strong engagement in their community/sport/or passion.


  1. Review our About Page and understand what our Brand stands for. Make sure your core values match up with our company values.
  2. Understand the message we are sending.
  3. Become a fan of the brand before considering applying for the team.
  4. Review the clothing we release, and be sure it matches up with your style. Be Yourself!
  5. Be respectful of other people and other brands. Warfit Clothing Co. does not tolerate disrespectful behavior. It is not what we stand for.
  6. Be genuine. Have personality, and be a person of moral character who stands out in a crowd of people.
  7. This is 100% based on Social Media. Use Our Hashtags #TEAMWARFIT and #IAMWARFIT and Tag @Warfit_clothing_co in your posts. This is how we find your posts, and learn more about you.
  8. Drive traffic to with your code, and assigned URL
  9. Include Warfit Clothing Co. in a minimum of one post per week in any Warfit Gear.
  10. At a minimum, repost our Contests, Release Night, and Release Preview posts.
  11. Have fun spreading the Warfit Clothing Co.™ Creed and Story to your various social circles.
  12. Understand that the more inline you are with all the above, and the more effort you put in will directly correlate with how successful you will be in our program. 


Things you should not do:

  1. Do not post nude pictures or anything else graphic that is not publicly acceptable or in good moral character. BE SMART. Respect Yourself!
  2. Do not be disrespectful to other people, or brands while representing us.
  3. Do not buy followers, or likes. We want genuine people being themselves.
  4. Don't be foolish and do anything that could risk you or others getting hurt for the sake of a "cool" post.
  5. Do not have a bad attitude. Check ego's and negativity at the door. Be positive and approachable online and in the gym.
  6. Do not be upset if we do not choose you, we care about everyone who supports Warfit Clothing Co.™ but everyone unfortunately can not be brought on-board.


As part of Team Warfit you will be eligible for the following perks:

  • A User login, complete with a LIVE user dashboard to track your statistics, sales, and traffic generated to monitor your success
  • A personalized link to drive traffic to
  • A Personalized QVC code to use to drive traffic to in your own way
  • 10% commission for every purchase you refer - no limits!
  • Your commission is paid monthly, during the first week of the month.
  • Substantial discounts on your personal gear. Receive a personal use only 20% off code, you will not be able to get commission off your own orders.
  • Participate in team sales contests for bonus's and prizes
  • Photo, and Expo opportunities
  • Be part of building a legacy of strength by contributing feedback via our periodic product surveys, and submitting new product suggestions, or product enhancement.


Attributes of a great Team Warfit Ambassador:

  • They stay active year round, and are committed to a healthy lifestyle. 
  • They have a personal story of achievement, or instance where they overcame the odds.
  • They are motivational and inspirational. 
  • They have a strong following they engage with regularly.
  • They give back. The athlete works hard at motivating, inspiring, helping, and inspiring others through their own story of strength.
  • They are genuine, of moral character, and true to their word. Integrity and honor is everything to us.
  • They are a Real people who have gone through real struggles, and have come out successful.