David Bowie, SWAT Team Member, Pistolsmith, and NPC Competitor


Warfit Clothing Co. Is proud to welcome a real life super hero David Bowie to the Warfit Fam.

David's Story:

My name is David Bowie, Bowie Tactical, I am a 48 year old custom pistolsmith who is also a SWAT team member, a tactical firearms and physical self defense instructor and NPC competitor.

A number of years ago I found myself way out of shape and way overweight. At 5’7” 210 lbs I was struggling to get through a range day and was spent by the end of a physical self defense class which involved some ground fighting as well. As a SWAT team member who had been the commander for a number of years I also needed to set the bar for the team and was doing a poor job at that. So I got my head right and took the steps to start the fight to get myself back in shape. All my nutrition had to change as did my days that would now involved my workouts. I started with nothing but a couple dumbbells and an old bowflex. That soon moved to a power rack and more dumbbells and treadmill all in a 11x11 spare bedroom. But with that I fought the war and lost 70 lbs all the time getting stronger and more healthy. Then the build started. Then an injury from a fight to make an arrest while working road patrol reared it’s head. My supraspinatus tendon in my right shoulder had been all but torn off. The pain and the lack of mobility had gotten too much it had to be fixed. My Dr. advised me, as bad as I was my arm be tied down for 6 weeks and it would more than likely be a year before Iwas back to even close to pushing the weight I was before. Thankfully due to my never ending dedication to pushing in the gym and the muscle structure I had built, in 6 weeks post surgery I was released to push an empty bar and in 8 months I had set a new PR in bench press with 315 for 2 reps. What I thought was going to be a huge set back proved to me that with dedication and hard hard work you could get way ahead through it all. Now that so many have seen my journey I am honored that I get weekly messages on how watching me has inspired someone else to make the healthy change. It has driven me to build my own gym to work in and soon be helping others get in the fight as well.

I love that WARFIT has the same heart to its foundation. A journey from a dark period to one that is brighter than ever and keeps pushing ahead. This is the same attitude that carried me all the way to taking my fight all the way to a competitive NPC stage and placing now with three second place awards and two thirds. Something that just a few years ago would have been a pipe dream at best. My new goals will move me from Physique class to a bodybuilder class the next time I set foot on stage to compete. I look forward to furthering my goals and spreading the WARFIT brand and belief of pushing yourself everyday to be the best you that’s possible against any odds you may face. We all have different wars to fight to win.



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