Courtney Lafrades


Warfit Clothing Co. Is proud to welcome Courtney Lafrades to the #TEAMWARFIT. Her story isn't one talked about every day in the fitness community, but it is a reality. Thank you for sharing your story of strength with us.
Courtney's Story:

It's said that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. It took some time for me to understand that. I had to endure seven years of physical and mental abuse and lose my mom before I could see the strength that I actually possessed.
About five years ago, I didn't believe I would make it. I was in a volatile marriage where I had no freedom and lived day by day trying to mask my shame and disgust at the life I was trapped in. My husband was an alcoholic and drug addict with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and manic depression. To top it off he was unemployed with felonies which meant I provided for myself, him and my toddler at the time.

Even though I was the sole provider my husband controlled everything: my bank account, the car, EBT card, my cell phone, what I wore and who I spoke to. I did
not have an identity nor an opinion, and if I questioned or objected to something it resulted in getting slapped, choked or thrown to the floor. In a life like this you condition yourself to not feel the physical or emotional pain. You keep it to yourself, you don't bring it up to him or anyone else. To bring attention to yourself or to the family's problems is a death sentence. And I in believed it.

My mom's death was the catalyst to reclaim ME. I soon separated from my husband and joined a gym. Once that happened I began to regain myself and strength. I learned how to say no and not tolerate things I felt uncomfortable with. I gained enough strength and courage to file a restraining order and divorce my husband.
It's been three years since I've never felt so strong and fearless as I do now. My love for fitness has improved me in so many ways both physically and mentally. I am confident, humble and happy and encourage others in being physically fit. I place no limits on myself and refuse to be a victim. I like to compete as a figure competitor where I challenge myself and meet new people.

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