Warfit Clothing Co.™ Is proud to welcome The Stone Bay Barbenders to  #TEAMWARFIT





The Stone Bay Barbenders is a team of Active Duty and Veteran Military Members based out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Our journey began with a passion for weightlifting. As we began to achieve and surpass our goals, we knew we wanted to work towards something more. When we discovered the World of Powerlifting, our entire perspective on the gym and the way we train drastically changed. Our focus has become strength and lifting as much weight as our bodies can handle. We are always pushing the envelope and working for bigger and better numbers. Everyone battles their own WAR WITHIN; our battle is all about being relentless. We dedicate our time to powerlifting simply for the feeling we get when we’re on the platform, attempting a new PR, with the weight on our back. It's as if time has stopped and the only thing going through your mind is whether you’re going to "Put Up Or Shut Up."