Angela Rutherford


Warfit Clothing Co.™ Is proud to welcome Angela Rutherford to #TEAMWARFIT. Her story is one you don't see revealed very often in the fitness community, but it is very real behind closed doors. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Angela's Story & Message:

I have been a fitness enthusiast since the begging of my teen years. As a Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer I'm always looking for ways to inspire others. For me health and fitness is one of the most important aspects of my life. I absolutely love the way I feel living an active lifestyle, and having a healthy mind and body keeps me thriving to help others feel the same way.

My fitness journey has cost me my health and brought me back to life; a hobby which turned into an obsession, and destruction, but also saved me. Most people struggle with weight gain and overrating, trying to overcome the battle of eating healthy, going to the gym and staying consistent. For me, I struggled with anorexia and had a horrible relationship with food and perception of myself. I was deathly afraid of gaining weight and was headed down a path that would only kill me. My journey of having good intentions and becoming fit turned into a rapid downward spiral of self destruction that would change my life eternally.

I struggled with Anorexia for years. I was depressed, and had very low self worth and I relapsed several times before I had the strength to truly conquer the disorder. I was finally able to take the first steps of controlling my life years after my treatment. I was enrolled at Bryan College, for the Health and Fitness program, and took a Mind and Body course. Learning how powerful the mind is and having the ability to have power over my life through my thoughts gave me the strength to defeat my anorexia. Applying my thoughts in a powerful positive manor has gotten me to the place I am today. Practicing positive self talk and controlling my negative thoughts about myself, truly has changed everything in my life.

I stared competing in 2012, which was start of the second phase of my journey. I joined FitBody Fusion and had the guidance from my coach Jamie DeBernard. I competed in 3 regional shows and one National competition, stuck to a strict diet and exercise program. I defied the odds and believed in myself. I am living my passion and helping other women get on stage and do the unthinkable. Transforming lives physically and mentally. By believing in them, they will eventually believe in themselves. Helping others overcome their struggles drives me more then anything. Anyone can do anything, you just have to believe you can. Nothing is impossible!
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