My story started about 5 years on Halloween. I decided to take my motorcycle to work, but I didn't make to work that day. I woke up in ambulance, with a broken shoulder, 8 broken ribs, and a minor traumatic brain injury. As I was in recovery  my Doctor asked me when I had my last physical.  Years, was my answer. As part of the physical we did a PSA test, which came back high, then my biopsy came back positive, at 49 I had PROSTATE CANCER.


 I ended up having surgery to remove the cancer, and 5 years later I am still cancer free...but that's only half my story. At that time my health was secondary in my life at 5'6" I weighed almost 200lbs. My liver was a wreck and my cholesterol was almost 300. A motorcycle accident saved me from cancer but I was going to die because of how I ate and drank. I made small some changes at first, like giving up fast food, cutting drinking, and starting an exercise program. For the first time, I started learning about diet and how to really train. This grew into a passion, which lead me into competition bodybuilding. Many months later I got up on stage, in my first men's physique contest at 54 years old.

I now train every day. I don't diet,  I plan my meals. My message to you is, it's never too late to start living a healthy longer life. I had a ton of excuses not to get to where I am today, rods and pins from when I broke my back, prostate cancer, my accident... but it only fueled my fire to inspire, motivate, and live. Cancer did not win this time.

Tom Keyburn

Instagram: @prostatecancersurvivor