Shana Carver Warfit


Warfit Clothing Co. Is proud to welcome Shana Carver to the #TEAMWARFIT. She is another example that hardship is not just unique to YOU. We all face some sort of hardship. It's the strength that gets you through it all that makes you different. Keep fighting warriors.

Shana's Story & Message:

My sport and training of choice is power lifting. I have been seriously training for power lifting for 9 months and have already surpassed many goals as well as winning first place in my weight class at the North Myrtle Beach Classic Southern Powerlifting Federation. Prior to power lifting was focused on weight loss. Since having my daughter in 2011 I have lost 90 pounds and gained muscle.

I have been active some sort of fitness since the age of 4. In the 8th grade I faced a near death experience unexpectedly when my body developed an auto immune disease that was attacking my liver. I was told I'd need a liver transplant, but I overcame the disease miraculously without the transplant. During that time I couldn't walk , sometimes talk or eat . Since that time of my healing I have become strong not just physically but most importantly mentally , I have become "War fit " and ready for any battle as I have been battle tested . I believe that anyone can do anything they set their mind and heart too and the only limits are ones you set on your self ! Stay strong !


Shana Carver Warfit

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