Warfit Clothing Co. Is proud to welcome RYAN LEIGHTON to the #TEAMWARFIT. He is an example that you can transform your life if you don't give up.


Ryan's Story:

As a 38 year old Fire Captain and NPC Bodybuilding A few years ago I had my own wake up call of being 240 pounds. As an officer that is supposed to lead by example in the fire service and as a father who is supposed to teach his kid the right choices I was failing. In April of 2012 I stopped cold turkey of all of the things that lead to this personal disaster. I began changing my diet, actively going to the gym daily, and introducing cardio into my life. I had no coach and no dietician, my instruction was learning through various sources and seeing what would work best for my body. With all that I learned I am currently assisting other firefighters with custom diet plans as well as fitness plans so they do not fall into the problems I created for myself.

In November of 2014 I competed for the first time and placed 5th. Here it was a couple of years ago I could not stand to look at myself in the mirror and now I am standing on a stage for the world to see my progress. This passion is my fuel daily to work hard in the gym and never leave without being exhausted and sore.

Many clothing lines in the fitness industry have some fancy slogans and some unique logos, but none have the true meaning as Warfit Clothing has. The struggles we all face in life whether small or large can put us into that dark area of giving in or fight to survive and be the best. Warfit is not just a brand, it is a lifestyle that I am honored to represent it in the fire service, fitness world, and to the many kids I give speeches to about overcoming todays struggles. As I strive for betterment of myself I also push to help anyone else. I know what it is like to be there and to have a friend with the Warfit mentality is a wealth beyond measure.