Kortne Green Warfit


Warfit Clothing Co. Is proud to welcome Kortne Greene to #TEAMWARFIT.

Kortne's Message:

It's great to be apart of something that represents real hard work and struggle. It's something I know all too well all because I was always taught that nothing is ever given to you. You have to earn what you want. I've run into hardships of injuries, money issues, and frustrations of not being able to obtain a goal that hasn't been achieved. With those hardships I've faced, I still continue to walk with my head held high and I keep fighting because quitting just isn't an option. I compete in the NPC as a women's physique competitor and I had my first competition in WPD this past august where I had placed 3rd. I have hopes on becoming nationally qualified to compete in a national show then earn a pro card in the IFBB league. I would want to be the one to lead by example to inspire women worldwide that it is okay to have more muscle than the average bikini and/or figure competitor. I realize that the hustler mentality to achieve a goal is almost rare in a sense that the average person doesn't know what it takes to be a "warrior" whether it be inside of the gym, job, and life in general. I want to be apart of this creation that will help open the eyes of the average Joe. Anything is possible if you never quit!


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