Warfit Clothing Co.™ Is proud to welcome Pro Wrestler and Luchadora for Lucha Libre AAA, Kira Forster AKA "Wera Loca" "Perra del Mal" "Diosa Canadiense" to #TEAMWARFIT. Her story is one you don't see revealed very often in the fitness community. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

When I was growing up I was bullied a lot at school. I found refuge in submerging myself into classical ballet, theater and all things artistic. I felt safe on the stage and felt that I became someone other than myself. After high school I continued pursuing dance at the University of Calgary. After 2 years I decided it was time to let go of dance and pursue other things which is how I discovered fitness competition. I went on to compete for 6 years, winning my class in the CBBF Nationals of 2009 and then 2nd place in the Arnold Amateur. During this time I was featured in several fitness magazines and calendars in Canada and the USA. Growing up I watched WWE, WWF at the time and looked up to how confident and strong those women were. I wanted to be like them, fearless, beautiful and unstoppable. Throughout my time in the fitness world I searched for a way to enter into the mysterious and intriguing world of wrestling. 5 years ago I met Lance Storm, a former WWE Superstar that had a wrestling school in Calgary. I started training with him 5 days a week for 3 hours a day for 6 months, I was hooked. The athleticism, the artistry, the story telling, and how you were able to transform into someone and involve the audience. I then went on to be featured in 2 seasons of "World of Hurt", a Canadian wrestling reality show. From there I was put into contact with Konnan here in Mexico, took a leap of faith and made the move down south. I had planned on only staying a month but 3 years later here I still am!! I love my life and am so happy to get to share my passion for this sport and art with people daily through their televisions. My character "Taya' is a mean girl in all sense of the word. I'm the only female member of "Los Perros del Mal" and we basically rule the roost!!! In August of 2014 at Triplemania the biggest show of the year, in front of an audience of 35000 people live and thousands through IPPV, I became the first ever foreign women's champion, La Reina de Reinas. I am a true testament that anything is possible no matter how crazy your dream may be. That with sacrifice, hard work and faith that you truly can over come stereotypes and all odds to have the life you wanted and the job of your dreams.

I identify with the Warfit Clothing Co moto because I to over came so many obstacles throughout my life to become who I am today. That nothing is easy, no opportunity is ever just given away and that you must believe in yourself or no one else will.


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