Interested In Joining Team Warfit?

We’re looking for the unique, the determined, the brave. People who made it happen no matter what.

We are looking for the people who best embody what it means to be Warfit, and covets our core values.

Man or woman. Young or old. Big or Small. Any sport, or no sport at all. Do you motivate, inspire, help, aid, and support others around you or in your community?

Then become one of our Team Ambassadors!

There is no entry period. We believe finding the right people to represent Warfit Clothing Co. is a timeless endeavor.





Program Details

Members of our Ambassador team receive the following perks:

  • Ambassador LIVE user dashboard to track your account.
  • A personalized link, qvc code, url, and promo codes to drive traffic to
  • Commission structure with raises!
  • Substantial discounts on your personal gear. 
  • Participate in team sales contests for bonus's and prizes
  • Photo, video, and Expo opportunities
  • Be part of building a legacy of strength by contributing feedback via our periodic product surveys, and submitting new product suggestions, or product enhancement.