Warfit Clothing Co.™'s July 2015 Warrior Contest winner is Jessie Fields welcome to the #TEAMWARFIT family.  Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Jessie's Story & Message:

About two and a half years go I met my son and it made me realize that I had really let my self go trying to make a life and build a career. I was a 25 year old heavy smoker weighing over 300lbs and unable to play with my kid for 15 minutes in a park. At that moment I decided I was going to change. I was the very least healthy minded person you could meet and had zero weight training or fitness experience.



In February of 2013 I set the goal of having abs by the end of July of 2013. Most people thought it wasn't realistic and some were even offended by my new "fitness" post's on Facebook/Social media all the time. But regardless of lack of support, I was determined to make it happen. I fumbled around in the weight room and cardio equipment until I found my way and by July I reached my goal, and actually had visible abs though hard work and diet.

After reaching my goal I realized I was capable of more than i ever could have imagined in the beginning. I wanted to push myself further. At that point I hired a coach and set a goal to compete in the following year. My plan to compete in men's physique. I trained hard, and dieted down to the best shape of my life, and on October 2014 I stepped on stage in public without a shirt on for the first time in my life and placed 3rd in both divisions.

I went from being a severely overweight unhealthy smoker to a competitive bodybuilder in less than three years. All that had changed was my mind set. You have to believe that anything you want is achievable with enough hard work. You have to be able to focus, and commit yourself to your goal no matter how extreme it may seem. Everyday is a new day to make a step in he right direction to bettering yourself. People will think your crazy, they will even be offended. At times you will even feel lonely while chasing your goal.

If you want something it starts with you and your mindset. BELIEVE IT =ACHIEVE IT






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