Warfit Clothing Co.™'s January 2017 Warrior Contest winner is Eric Stegall welcome to the #TEAMWARFIT family.  Thank you for sharing your story with us.
Eric's Story & Message:

At the end of my junior year in college I was diagnosed with appendicitis, which later turned out to be a tumor inside my appendix causing what doctors thought was appendicitis.  This type of cancer is only curable with surgery, so no radiation was ever needed.  The only surgery entailed removing a portion of the small intestines and a portion of the lymph nodes in the surrounding area.  During my time in college I was just your occasional every day lifter.  Never really cared about diet or what I was shoving into my mouth.  Once I graduated, I came across several guys that were doing strongman/power lifting, so I decided to give it a shot.  To be competitive in those sports it was distilled into me to eat anything and everything and just get big and strong.  So that is exactly what I did.  I would drink gallons of chocolate milk and eat constantly not worrying about the effects it had on my body, just knowing that I was getting stronger and bigger.  My weight ballooned to an obese 350lbs.  My wife and I had our first daughter during this time.  I thought maybe having a child would change my attitude and outlook on life, but in reality it never did.  We decided to move back to Charlotte, where I took on a more prominent engineering role and that is when I joined Elite Fitness.  As the years passed my weight would fluctuate between 330lbs to 350lbs but my strength would never change.  Not only was my body suffering but my life was as well.

This is when Cornelius Parkin took over ownership at the gym.  During 2014 I saw a more decline in my life and by September of that year I decided it was time to make a change.  I asked Cornelius if he would write me a diet and I would train myself as I knew the basics.  So I started on this diet (just recently did I realize this diet was basically meant for me to fail, that’s how hard it was) and progressed slowly over the course of 6 months.  My weight started to come down and features started to change.  By April 2015 I was down to around 280lbs.  At this time everyone knew that I was for real with changing.  The diet started to change even more when I decided later on that I wanted to step on stage.  By September 2015, I had been dieting for 1 year and my weight was at 250lbs.  I stepped on stage in October 2015 weighing 220lbs and two weeks later stepped on stage again weighing 214lbs.  In the end I lost a total of 130lbs and dropped my body fat down to 7%. 

To this day I do not look back on the past, only for motivation to move even further.  I have taken the stance of putting God and family first before anything, which has helped me move forward in my goals.  Coming across Warfit made me realize that I am a part of this team in the way, I found the heart of a true warrior, in always fighting and never giving up.



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